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Posted on 11-22-2016

Thanksgiving.  A time of reflection and taking stock of the positives in life.  I am blessed to have good health, a roof over my head, food to eat, and the support and love of family and friends.  I am also fortunate to have a career that I love, and a place that I love doing it.  This job offers so many opportunities to be grateful.  The saddest of sad moments may be followed immediately by a delightful new pet whose family needs my guidance.  I am surrounded by coworkers and colleagues who are truly family.  There are a countless number of people with their pets who are such good friends I don't remember if they started as clients or friends. I still love my job EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Thank you to everyone who supports me in allowing me to live my dream.  

I started taking stock of the things I love every day about coming to my job.  This list could go on and on, but here are some of the highlights. 

Puppy breath

Sloppy dog kisses, even the French kisses from overzealous Golden Retrievers who ate their own poop right before coming (see previous blog about the poop eaters)

Furry face rubs


Seeing kids repeat back the lessons I teach at school visits--"Ask permission first" before touching strange dogs

Juicy bite wound abscesses

Sedated nail trims

The excitement in the room when the whole family comes in with their new pet

Farts on an X-ray

Puppy breath!  (This can't be said enough!)

Devoted coworkers 

Selfies with patients!!!

Being off on full moon days

Seeing the adult children of long time clients come in with their own new pets (admittedly, this one is a little bittersweet)

Xraying pregnant pets and counting the babies

Oral surgery, because it fixes so much pain

Colleagues far and wide who understand about terrible days and amazing saves

Catching up with people about their children, grandchildren and travel (yes, THAT is what is taking me so long in there!)

Dental X-rays 

Saying goodbye with a family to their well loved pet, feeling such a sense of honor and duty to be allowed to be there and ease them across the Rainbow Bridge

Thank you notes from kids after a tour of the hospital, even the ones with drawings of dog poop

A tailless dog wiggling their whole butt to show me their happiness

Pit bulls

Puppy breath

What other job would come with rewards such as these??  Thank you all for your continued support, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracey Borovicka said:

Dale City Animal Hospital, you, Dr. Davis and the vet techs and great staff are what I miss most about Woodbridge. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

2016-11-22 16:25:42

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